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still no news of a possible new version of the game

Don't expect any new versions this year

The game often crashes and crashes when starting a game...?

As written in the mail then we are aware of this and we are afraid that it will require a rewrite of the code in order to fix it

OK thank you. And when will that be solved in the short or long term?

or there is no other version that I can download and that works well until a new one comes out?

I think they have the same issues so that wouldn't help much

mmm ok, I would still like to try it with a more stable version if possible.... how long will it take to repair the problem?

The game crashes whenever I attempt to sim a game.

Do you remember what you did or was it just a regular sim?

At first I was trying to do human only. And the I tried not changing anything but it still shuts down.

We will take a look at it soon

The game kicks you out a lot. The main issue I have is getting kicked when trying to sim a game I get kicked out.  Also, the fact that the base plays have to be edited to include pass blocking and main targets should be changed in the next update. It's so annoying having to go through manually to edit them all, even to have a shot at having a decent team. 


I have been having this very strange issue with the tactics section where I will create a play, save it, and it will all look good, then if I go off to do something else in the game, I will come back to tactics to find the play deleted. This issue only seems to be happening on NEW formations that I have created using 0.9.1, if I try to make a play with any of the default formations or any formations I had previously created, they will save.

I wonder if it might be possible that my issue came from the way I transferred my old plays into 0.9.1 when I downloaded it. Instead of using the "Import Play" button in tactics, I simply copied all of my old plays from the old export file into the new plays file, and copied the old formations into the new formations file as well. All of those plays seem to have transferred over fine, but is it possible that by doing that I messed up the system that allows plays to be created?


I don't think it has anything to do with you copying the plays from the old version, since nothing changed on the format for them. And as long as you are sure you have clicked save, then it most be something in the code which we need to take a look at.


Just downloaded the game and this is the type of game I have been looking for. Very in depth only issue I have are my subs. My quaterbacks keep changing when I don't want them to and have I have subs off so how can I fix that?


I am afraid you can't doing anything about that - we will figure out a way of fixing it for the next release


8.9 taking a while lol. Also I get the save problem too.


We hope that 8.9 will be out in the next 14 days :-) And could you please try to sent the saved game to


Where can I get help with some saves than won't load, a crash when I go to a new season and report bugs in general if I encounter them? The forum seems kinda dead.


If you just write to then we will look at it. And the forum you are talking about is that


when is 8.8


We hope that the next release will be out by the end of next week


Hey I got windows on mac which was a very rough process and I like the game. I would like to put my input on the recruiting system. I think that you have the base of it down very well. I personally think that recruiting is way too difficult to do especially with a lower prestige team. Even with Notre Dame which in my league is a 99 prestige I can't hardly ever seem to get recruits. Normally just to recruit I have to lower down the amount of recruits I go for to about 6 and mostly only go for high or excellent interest then I have to call them every week but after about the 4th or 5th week you run out of points. I just would like to see it easier to recruit mainly for building a low prestige team to a good team.

Thanks for the input and it is for sure something we will look into. And cool that you got it to work through a windows on a mac :-)


how do you use mod data


You need to download it from here: and the description on how to install it should be in the zip file


hey, I’m on MAC. Is there anyway I could use “WINE” to play this game on mac?


Hi, I have not a clue since I don't know WINE. But if it is possible to have .NET Framework on it then it should be possible

Hey I really want to play this game I can't because I'm mac. Are you guys looking to add this game to mac? If so then when?

Hi, at the moment we are not looking at a mac version

is there a way to fire coordinators?

Yes. You need to have it selected in the settings, and then you should be able to fire a coordinator in the offseason when clicking on him

Okay great got it! So when i get through a season the game crashes and won't reload to the new season. 

We have found an issue when scheduling the new season, so that might be the same issue that you have here

Where do I download the mod pack?  It's probably really obvious but for some reason I can't find it.  

You should be able to download it from here:

Thank you.

Really Fun & Good Game! Greta Job and keep the good work up!

thanks :-)

I can't see the right side of the screen. This is notable on the practice screen( ) and the play design screen ( I believe this is because of screen resolution differences but I've tried every resolution on my computer and none of them solve the issue. 

Are there any known fixes for this? 

When I go to start the game, my computer gives me this message ...

Windows protected your PC
Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.

And there's no way to bypass this message. Any ideas?

you need to allow the game in Microsoft defender

Having an issue where the game crashes right after a simulation of the game. I try and advance to the next day and it crashes. 

Also, during the season I click on sim to next event and the continue button goes dark gray and doesn't sim to next event. I have to click continue on each day.

Do you have a file called ctfm.log which you could send to me at

I don't appear to having any file that has ctfm.log. i have stuff that ctfm but nothing .log

Could you sent me the stuff called CTFM then?

I have an email for a requested game, when I select either yes or no to answer the email the game crashes. I am unable to advance the season until I answer the email. Is there a way to fix this.

Thanks for reporting it and we are looking to see if we can fix it

Incredibly stupid question here. I downloaded the game, and all the files and whatnot are visible to me, but how do I get from there to actually opening up the game and the start menu?

Not a stupid question :-) You need to unzip the file and then double click on the file called CTFootballManager.exe

Ok, I've got the game running. Looks great btw. But when I get to the first game it crashes when I try to simulate. Is there a fix?

Are you playing with the real teams mod? When simulating a game are you clicking simulate game or go to scoreboard?

I wasn't using the real teams mod. When I first tried I clicked "simulate game" and it crashed, but go to scoreboard seems to work fine.

I will take a look at it and do you remember who you were meeting in the game where it crashed?

how do you play with real teams

You download the real teams mod on their page

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