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Game Idea

A sports simulation game where you take the role of the manager/Head Coach of a College Football team. You will be able to handle depth charts, recruiting of players, setting tactics, schedule etc. 

Game Status

At the moment we have created a lot of the infrastructure for the game, and also done many of the screens. 

  • 130 College teams from different conferences to choose from
  • Over 500 different high schools (non-playable)
  • 30+ different bowl games (in the mod pack)
  • 100+ rivalries (in the mod pack)

We have implemented a lot of features like recruiting, coach handling but more feature will come for each biweekly release

Development Team

We are two persons who love College Football and love the old Football Manager games (Soccer). We have done a lot of coding for a number of different minor projects.


We are using a forum over at gmgames.org: http://forums.gmgames.org/forum/408-ct-football-manager/



StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorCT Games
GenreSports, Simulation
Tagscfb, college, Football, manager
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few seconds


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I noticed that sometimes when i log back into a save, everything is blank, so I decided to look into the database files, and I saw that everything had been erased with error messages like "TEXT NOT NULL, INTEGER NOT NULL, etc." is there any way to fix this?

Anyone else having problems the create play function not saving plays.

I have a problem where I cannot download the 0.9.4 release I really want to play it but I cannot


I guess it is because the older files have been hidden, but it should be possible to download 0.9.4 now

Deleted 62 days ago

are there any recommendations to resolve the problem of the game crashing when attempting to save?

Not for the older versions since it is a bug in them

what about for test version 0.6.2

At the moment it is the same since no development is currently done on the game :-(

Hi I have a problem where a saved game won't load at all... It just gets stuck and eventually windows says the game isn't responding, does this have to do with just a bad save file or a bug? I don't want to start another attempt if it won't load.

We are currently implementing a new version since we know that one of the things not working correctly in the old version was loading and saving.

Can I ask when that version may be out? I'm so sorry for the trouble but I really love the way this game is set up!

We hope some time in the next 14 days

Is .NET absolutely required? I'm unable to install it lol.

.NET is required and it will only run on Windows

Hi, Staff of Two, thank you for the time and effort you have put in over the years and it shows please keep up the great work! I like the old school style Football Manager type games,  as I'm over 60 years old,  I have watched a lot and played a lot of North American Football from NFL, NCAA, CFL, USFL, XFL, AFL, AAFL, NAFL, IFL, Mexican FL and even overseas like Germany and Japan... fun to watch lol, at least they give an effort and sometimes surprise me! I will start to donate when I can load and save within the game as you mentioned in your current release v2.1. You have done a lot but those 2 items must be done as you already know, I'm sure you are working on these issues right now and I realize that this is not your full-time job and you have lives to lead.  I greatly appreciate your hard work,  again I repeat keep up the great work!  I'm retired and it has been tough but thanks be to God, Lord and only King, I'm doing well and I will donate to your game soon! I hope you will have these 2 items in question completed by late 2023 or early 2024, that would be awesome!

Respectfully and Sincerely; 

Whytcross :)

Hi Whytcross, thanks a lot for the kind words regarding our game, and we are for sure looking into loading/saving which we hope will be finished in a month or so :-) BR Christian

Sorry got busy, thanks for the update. Keep up the great work will check in on the game later today!  :)



Sounds good :-)

still no news of a possible new version of the game

Don't expect any new versions this year

The game often crashes and crashes when starting a game...?

As written in the mail then we are aware of this and we are afraid that it will require a rewrite of the code in order to fix it

OK thank you. And when will that be solved in the short or long term?

or there is no other version that I can download and that works well until a new one comes out?

I think they have the same issues so that wouldn't help much

mmm ok, I would still like to try it with a more stable version if possible.... how long will it take to repair the problem?

The game crashes whenever I attempt to sim a game.

Do you remember what you did or was it just a regular sim?

At first I was trying to do human only. And the I tried not changing anything but it still shuts down.

We will take a look at it soon

The game kicks you out a lot. The main issue I have is getting kicked when trying to sim a game I get kicked out.  Also, the fact that the base plays have to be edited to include pass blocking and main targets should be changed in the next update. It's so annoying having to go through manually to edit them all, even to have a shot at having a decent team. 


I have been having this very strange issue with the tactics section where I will create a play, save it, and it will all look good, then if I go off to do something else in the game, I will come back to tactics to find the play deleted. This issue only seems to be happening on NEW formations that I have created using 0.9.1, if I try to make a play with any of the default formations or any formations I had previously created, they will save.

I wonder if it might be possible that my issue came from the way I transferred my old plays into 0.9.1 when I downloaded it. Instead of using the "Import Play" button in tactics, I simply copied all of my old plays from the old export file into the new plays file, and copied the old formations into the new formations file as well. All of those plays seem to have transferred over fine, but is it possible that by doing that I messed up the system that allows plays to be created?


I don't think it has anything to do with you copying the plays from the old version, since nothing changed on the format for them. And as long as you are sure you have clicked save, then it most be something in the code which we need to take a look at.


Just downloaded the game and this is the type of game I have been looking for. Very in depth only issue I have are my subs. My quaterbacks keep changing when I don't want them to and have I have subs off so how can I fix that?


I am afraid you can't doing anything about that - we will figure out a way of fixing it for the next release




8.9 taking a while lol. Also I get the save problem too.


We hope that 8.9 will be out in the next 14 days :-) And could you please try to sent the saved game to pjank42@gmail.com?


Where can I get help with some saves than won't load, a crash when I go to a new season and report bugs in general if I encounter them? The forum seems kinda dead.


If you just write to pjank42@gmail.com then we will look at it. And the forum you are talking about is that https://forums.gmgames.org/forum/408-ct-football-manager-%F0%9F%8F%88/


when is 8.8


We hope that the next release will be out by the end of next week


Hey I got windows on mac which was a very rough process and I like the game. I would like to put my input on the recruiting system. I think that you have the base of it down very well. I personally think that recruiting is way too difficult to do especially with a lower prestige team. Even with Notre Dame which in my league is a 99 prestige I can't hardly ever seem to get recruits. Normally just to recruit I have to lower down the amount of recruits I go for to about 6 and mostly only go for high or excellent interest then I have to call them every week but after about the 4th or 5th week you run out of points. I just would like to see it easier to recruit mainly for building a low prestige team to a good team.

Thanks for the input and it is for sure something we will look into. And cool that you got it to work through a windows on a mac :-)


how do you use mod data


You need to download it from here: https://forums.gmgames.org/files/file/59-real-teams-and-bowls-for-ct-football-ma... and the description on how to install it should be in the zip file


hey, I’m on MAC. Is there anyway I could use “WINE” to play this game on mac?


Hi, I have not a clue since I don't know WINE. But if it is possible to have .NET Framework on it then it should be possible

Hey I really want to play this game I can't because I'm mac. Are you guys looking to add this game to mac? If so then when?

Hi, at the moment we are not looking at a mac version

is there a way to fire coordinators?

Yes. You need to have it selected in the settings, and then you should be able to fire a coordinator in the offseason when clicking on him

Okay great got it! So when i get through a season the game crashes and won't reload to the new season. 

We have found an issue when scheduling the new season, so that might be the same issue that you have here

Where do I download the mod pack?  It's probably really obvious but for some reason I can't find it.  

You should be able to download it from here: https://forums.gmgames.org/files/file/59-real-teams-and-bowls-for-ct-football-ma...

Thank you.

Really Fun & Good Game! Greta Job and keep the good work up!

thanks :-)

I can't see the right side of the screen. This is notable on the practice screen( https://gyazo.com/75dabfe2ee70eb0d729da305dfb45fc1 ) and the play design screen (https://gyazo.com/6e904876155401cf9a2a15c26b287e44). I believe this is because of screen resolution differences but I've tried every resolution on my computer and none of them solve the issue. 

Are there any known fixes for this? 

When I go to start the game, my computer gives me this message ...

Windows protected your PC
Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.

And there's no way to bypass this message. Any ideas?

you need to allow the game in Microsoft defender

Having an issue where the game crashes right after a simulation of the game. I try and advance to the next day and it crashes. 

Also, during the season I click on sim to next event and the continue button goes dark gray and doesn't sim to next event. I have to click continue on each day.

Do you have a file called ctfm.log which you could send to me at pjank42@gmail.com?

I don't appear to having any file that has ctfm.log. i have stuff that ctfm but nothing .log

Could you sent me the stuff called CTFM then?

I have an email for a requested game, when I select either yes or no to answer the email the game crashes. I am unable to advance the season until I answer the email. Is there a way to fix this.

Thanks for reporting it and we are looking to see if we can fix it

Incredibly stupid question here. I downloaded the game, and all the files and whatnot are visible to me, but how do I get from there to actually opening up the game and the start menu?

Not a stupid question :-) You need to unzip the file and then double click on the file called CTFootballManager.exe

Ok, I've got the game running. Looks great btw. But when I get to the first game it crashes when I try to simulate. Is there a fix?

Are you playing with the real teams mod? When simulating a game are you clicking simulate game or go to scoreboard?

I wasn't using the real teams mod. When I first tried I clicked "simulate game" and it crashed, but go to scoreboard seems to work fine.

I will take a look at it and do you remember who you were meeting in the game where it crashed?

how do you play with real teams

You download the real teams mod on their page

I am having trouble advancing past the first day. I can never advance because the game either crashes or stops completely.

I have heard some others with the same issue, but so far I haven't been able to locate the issue. Do you have a file called ctfm.log you can attach here?

Yes. I'll attach that here. And by the way, from what I have been able to do in the game, I think It's really fun. Great work! file:///C:/Users/lebla/Documents/CTFM%200.8.2/CTFM/CTFMlog.txt 

I think this link might work

Thanks but the link is to your local machine, so could you instead send the file to pjank42@gmail.com? :-)

Please check the newest version just released since it should fix the issue

Thank you. And I'll send the file

Hello I tried downloading your game but i dont know how to run CTFootballManager.exe

Hi, you just need to double click the exe-file. Remember to have .NET framework installed on your PC


Just downloaded the game today; the Release 0.8.1 file.  The game loads fine, I create a profile, and then whenever I try to start a season whether Arcade or Prestige, I select my team and the game freezes after that... Have uninstalled and reinstalled on a couple of occasions now.  Any help??

(1 edit)

Have you downloaded the mod pack (for real teams)  or are you playing with the ones included in the original version? ("dummy" teams)

And could you please check if you have any new entries in ctfm.log? 

Else please try to play the game as admin, since it could very well be because the game aren't allowed to write in the needed folder

I did download the mod pack for "real teams", so perhaps something is hanging up there? 

I'm not quite sure what constitutes a "new entry" on the ctfm.log file; I'm sorry I'm not that tech-savvy but I've found the file, I can open it and see all of the programming language , but not sure what I'm looking for... I can provide the file for review if need be?

How does one play the game as an "admin"?  Willing to try anything as it looks like such a fun/cool game concept I want to "dive in" and try it out!  Thanks!

Please try to run the game one time without the "real teams", and for running as admin you need to locate your CTFootballManager.exe-file, right click on it and select "Run as Administrator".

I have the same problem, and the cftm.log doesn't even show up, and when I choose a team in prestige, it just loads continuously and never loads the game.

Does it happens everytime you select prestige or is it only a few times?

I am having trouble to save the game.  Any ideas on what I am not doing or what I may be doing incorrectly?

Is the issue saving a game or is it loading a saved game?

The issue is loading a saved game, cuz I've hit save every place I've seen "save"

Could you please try to sent the saved game to pjank42@gmail.com?

That is the issue, I can't save any thing.  Every time I load the game, I'm back to ground zero.  If need be I can just wait for the next update & see.  I've started Arcade, no luck saving.  I've started Career, again nothing saved.

When are you gonna update?

Not sure since I am fully occupied at work, so I have no time for the game at the moment

O shit, I totally get that. Take your time bro, i love your game though.

Thanks :-)

Yea and the bug of it crashing is still in it. It could be with the amount of people playing it, it slows the whole thing dow

In Prestige mode I know your aware of this but I keep becoming akron.

Thanks for reporting that since we wasn't aware of that

(1 edit)

I really like the game but in arcade Players are getting 6,000+ yards and putting up 50+ PPG, also Hail Mary is OP.

When a team loses they should drop like 8-9 ranks unless your beat by like a top 10 or top 5 team... maybe even top 15

Good pointe and I guess we need to look at the rankings system soon

(2 edits)

The game is addicting af tho.. so fun. But a new ranking system would be a lot better. Cause I dont like to see 6-6 teams in the top 25 or 7-5 teams you know. Even 8-4 teams are in the top 10. Like if a UCF team on here goes 13-0 they might be only ranked 21st or not ranked at all, when they should be around like 7-6 maybe even top 4 depending on how many losses everyone took. Like if a top tier team above them had 2 or 3 losses you know... but 3 is still a lot for a top 10 team

(3 edits)

If you can I would make it like this.. Let's say I'm ranked 18th and u lose to a fresno state that's trash and its only the first game of the season. The next rankings that come out I wouldn't have my team even ranked.. Its different though if u play a top 25,15,10 but don't do it by much and idk if you base the preseason rankings off prestige or what but I would pre-rank teams from how well they did the year before if you know what I'm saying.. like irl, if you lose all your great players to the draft or smth, you move back.. or you come back with most returning players you stay where you are or you move up. But base it off how they did the year before. Idk if you can do this.. but if u can would be very cool.

Some suggestions....

1. Would be cool to show the Recruiting Class Rankings

2. The ranking system needs to be improved, there are negative teams still ranked in the top 25

3.Crashes a-lot and then will delete my game and put me as Akron HC

4.My head coach reputation bar doesnt move after a season

5.Be able to hire your own coordinators based off rating in offseason

Thanks for the input and we will take a look at them. Regarding the Akron HC is that when you load a saved game? if so could you please sent it to pjank42@gmail.com?

No I try and save the game and it closed, I will load it back up and it pops up with Akron

Also, the conference championship game is decided by who is ranked higher in the divison.. Not counting conference wins and losses.

And... I would determine the rankings based off SOS not just the prestige of a school unless they are playing way harder schools because I don't want teams that shouldn't be in the playoffs now in the playoffs.

The Akron zips glitch also happens when your team makes the national championship game..

Could you sent me that saved game where it pops up with Akron? Then I might be able to figure out where the saving issue is


(1 edit)

Thanks and do you also have the .file?

So I have been playing and love the game. I save the game. Then when I exit the app and reopen it, I can no longer resume where I last was.. Not sure if it is a glitch or not. It opens up to Akron but I cant do anything on the screen. Have to exit the app entirely. Am I doing something wrong?

thanks and this is a known issue which we hope to be able to fix with the next release

when are you thinking the next release will be

In a week or something like that

Would we need to redownload the latest version or is there like an update we can apply to our software?

At the moment you need to download the version each time

0.7.2 doesn't seem to be opening on my computer.

Have you ever been able to run some of the other versions? If not are you sure that .NET Framework is installed and that you malware protection is allowing it?

I have been able to run previous versions. That last I did was 0.5.x

Do you have any new entries in ctfm.log file, and is it a new "installation" you are using? Meaning that you have not copied the new version into the old folder. Also could you check if the game should be running in the Windows Task Manager

Yes new entries in ctfm.log. Yes, new installation. Yes, looks like it should be running in task manager.

You write that it looks like it is running in the task manager, so does it mean that it works? Else please sent me the content of ctfm.log

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