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Game Idea

A sports simulation game where you take the role of the manager/Head Coach of a College Football team. You will be able to handle depth charts, recruiting of players, setting tactics, schedule etc. 

Game Status

At the moment we have created a lot of the infrastructure for the game, and also done many of the screens. 

  • 130 college teams to choose from
  • 10 different conferences with championship games for each of them
  • Over 500 different high schools (non-playable)
  • 30+ different bowl games
  • 50+ rivalries

We have started on some of the AI, so the CPU teams will try to hire recruits, and also implemented an update to the game simulation, so the AI will try to pick the best play for a specific down.

Development Team

We are two persons who love College Football and love the old Football Manager games (Soccer). We have done a lot of coding for a number of different minor projects.


We are using a forum over at gmgames.org: http://forums.gmgames.org/forum/408-ct-football-manager/



Updated 3 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorCT Games
GenreSports, Simulation
Tagscfb, college, manager
LicenseMIT License
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Do you plan to extend the game by pro football?

At the moment we are focused on College Football only but we will never say never :-)

Ok. That may convince you to create a utility program for generating CSV files to use in the game FOF or DDS: PF?

Hey, some more feedback. I noticed when recruiting, once a recruit gets a certain number of offers you can't offer him because the offer list is too large and you can't scroll to get to make offer

Thanks for the feedback and that will be fixed before next release

I've liked it up to this point, everything I look for in a game! However, in an attempt to start my week 1 game, it said my depth chart had an issue and it couldn't start the game. It didn't tell me the problem or how to fix it. I think I have too many active players (118 oof) but don't see where to fix it. Could you help me please?

In the depth chart you should be able to see which players are injuries, so have you tried to replace those? else we have optimized the depth cahrt for the next release, so it should be  fixed there

Really fantastic work! As soon as we saw that you're Football Manager manager fans we knew we had to play this and weren't disappointed! 

Things we loved:
- It was really easy to jump straight in and start playing, having default tactics and a lineup already set was a big help.
- The GUI is really clean and easy to navigate, and very simplistically stylish.
- The depth of the game is great - with so many attributes for each player you feel like you can endlessly tweak your team to try and affect each game.

- You could add a 'Continue to Next Game' or 'Continue to Next Event' button rather than progressing a single day at a time.
- It'd be great to be able to view reports/breakdowns of previous games by clicking on them in the 'Calendar' screen.
- If basic season stats could be viewed from the 'Squad' screen or 'Depth Chart' screen it would help with roster changes and team selection.

Overall we loved the game, and look forward to playing future updates!


Thank you so much and we will for sure try to implement your feedback :-)