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Game Idea

A sports simulation game where you take the role of the manager/Head Coach of a College Football team. You will be able to handle depth charts, recruiting of players, setting tactics, schedule etc. 

Game Status

At the moment we have created a lot of the infrastructure for the game, and also done many of the screens. 

  • 130 College teams from different conferences to choose from
  • Over 500 different high schools (non-playable)
  • 30+ different bowl games
  • 50+ rivalries

We have implemented a lot of features like recruiting, coach handling but more feature will come for each biweekly release

Development Team

We are two persons who love College Football and love the old Football Manager games (Soccer). We have done a lot of coding for a number of different minor projects.


We are using a forum over at gmgames.org: http://forums.gmgames.org/forum/408-ct-football-manager/



Updated 15 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorCT Games
GenreSports, Simulation
Tagscfb, college, Football, manager
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few seconds


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0.7.2 doesn't seem to be opening on my computer.

Have you ever been able to run some of the other versions? If not are you sure that .NET Framework is installed and that you malware protection is allowing it?

I have been able to run previous versions. That last I did was 0.5.x

Do you have any new entries in ctfm.log file, and is it a new "installation" you are using? Meaning that you have not copied the new version into the old folder. Also could you check if the game should be running in the Windows Task Manager

Yes new entries in ctfm.log. Yes, new installation. Yes, looks like it should be running in task manager.

You write that it looks like it is running in the task manager, so does it mean that it works? Else please sent me the content of ctfm.log

Could you add a Continue->Sim Season option?

We have added it to the todo-list, and we don't know yet when it will be implemented

Every time I try to start my career, it crashes. Doesn't seem to be a problem with anyone else though, could this just by my computer or even human error?

Are you using the mod pack or do you have anything in the log file (CTFM.log)? And do you have .NET Framework installed?

hey guys, please please make this available on MAC, would love to play. cheers

Hi, we have added to our to-do list that we need to look at a MAC version down the road :-)

Does this game have an easy to download/ easy to use mod that allows real teams to be implemented. Also, is this game available on IOS or laptop computers. Or only PC?

It is PC only and the real teams mod can be downloaded here: https://forums.gmgames.org/files/file/59-real-teams-and-bowls-for-ct-football-ma...

thank you so much. I think this is such an awesome idea. I’m sorry if the more questions are bothersome but I just had two more. Is it in your plan to allow this game to be usable on laptops ? Or have you not considered that quite yet? Also, how are stats in this game. Will they carry over year to year? And if I want to have a pass heavy offense can I make that happen without calling every play? Thank you so much for all the help and again sorry if I’m a bother

That is just ok with the questions :-) 

When you say a laptop what do you mean, because it works on all Windows Laptops?

The player stats will be reset each season, but you will still be able to see the stats from the previous years. For the coaches it will carry over year to year. 

Under the tactics menu you can set how many percentage of running the play calling should be

New update is great.  One issue I am having, my coaches expectation changes over the course of the season causing me to get fired after the first season (has happened twice now.)  For example, the email I receive states I need to win 2 games to meet expectations, but after a few days switches to must qualify for playoff.  

This issue is something which will be fixed for the next release, where the main focus is on updating coaching and expectations :-)

How do you find the CTFM.exe file

Download the game, unzip the file and then you have CTFootballManager.exe, which is the file to run

Hey, the update fixed the last problem and i've been able to play again. I love the game and can't wait for the full version. I have 2 problems i've seen while playing again. 1) While simming games, the 4th quarter will play again. Basically a 5th quarter game but not an overtime game. It happened twice. 2) The first season the bowl games just kinda didn't happen. There were playoff rankings but no games.

Thanks for the input and we are looking into the issues

I can't play the games. Every time I try to go to the scoreboard the game crashes

Could you look in the log file (CTFM.log) and post the content here?

I'm having this issue, v 0.6.02 (first ever download) the log file has 438 lines. Attempted a few games with different teams, same outcome if I managed to click scoreboard. Otherwise had unsolvable depth chart issue, with not enough players at each position so couldn't progress. Any ideas? Is there an old version to revert to that works?

Using the real teams data update too if that helps.

Could you maybe send the log file to pjank42@gmail.com since I don't get any issues when playing with that version?

If this comes out on MacOS, I'll gladly pay for it. 

Good to hear and it might :-)

Sometimes a human game will keep repeating the 3&4 quaters

Thanks for the input and we will take a look at it

save doesn't work still . Also the  game tends to crash after the first season. The recruiting is working much better can actually get recruits.  The save also still seems to have the problem of  when opened going to the Akron bulls and not  being able to do anything.   If there is anything i could send to you guys to help fix this let me know. but i think this game is much better now the major fix that i see currently is  saving the game. Along with slowly overtime fine tuning things to make it work to the best of it's ability.

If you could sent the saved files to pjank42@gmail.com it would be a huge help. We are currently fixing the issue with the crash after the first season, so that should be covered. Thanks for the help

Saved game in preseason and the practice and polls don't work right its like they dont happen

Thanks for reporting it, and we will fix it before next release

Thanks I love this game yall are doing a great job 


I downloaded the game but can´t open it. 

Do you have .NET Framework installed, and are you sure you have unzipped the files first?

how do I unzip it?

Download a program like 7-zip and that should be enough. Then click on CTFM.exe file

(1 edit)

When you go into a save game your recruiting budget is zero even if you saved and still had budget left. So you can't ever exit a game with out re starting.  Also Recruiting needs to be fixed the game makes it impossible to get any of the recruits that you target. I have had this problem in playing as bigger schools and smaller schools. How  can i keep a winning team when i am getting no recruits.  I have had several recruits with either a high or excellent recruiting rating and then they go and commit to other schools. Also the budget for recruiting needs to be fixed because it makes it impossible for the smaller schools to recruit beyond the seniors because  the important actions cost so much.  If this is not fixed soon i may just stop playing until it is. 

Thanks for the input and we will optimize this for the next release coming out in 14 days

how to go to next day😡😡😡😡😡

When mousing over the continue button you should have the option to either go to next day or next event


So a few comments from my first bit of casual play

- Most recruits at skill positions (mostly on defense) are 6'4" and over.  I don't think i saw a corner, safety, and receivers to name a few.  I'm not sure if this is just my save or overall, because most lineman seem to be around 5'11 to 6'2" and same goes for most other positions.

- A number of states had no pool to recruit from (namely Wisconsin) 

- While the UI is fine, the depth chart is the area that definitely needs work.  At the moment the only thing it marks players for is injury, not suspension.  Additionally because it doesn't show ratings you have to memorize most players on your roster, which is rather daunting for the size of a college team.  An idea could be breaking them up sorta like in madden by position or FM by rating so you can sort them easier?

Those where the big few things that jumped out at me from a quick run through, but overall you guys definitely have a solid foundation!  Can't wait to see how the game comes along in the future ;)

Thank you so much for the inputs which we will try to look at in the next couple of releases :-)

I have found that recruiting is to difficult i had excellent on  a lot of recruits and i  got none of them !! How can i  get more   players if none of them will play for me? Also the game needs to stop on important  high school events not just college. 

We will take a look at both things, so thanks for telling us that something isn't working as planned

how can i edit Players?

At the moment the player names and attributes are totally random, so it is not possible to edit them

Which download file do I pick?

You should start the game by unzipping the file and click the exe-file

ok thanks :)

The game crashes when the first season ends. Also have issues when saving and loading a game. Is there anyway to fix this?

We will take a look at the crash after first season ends, and would it be possible for you to sent us the saved game (to pjank42@gmail.com)? What issues do you have with loading and saving?

And could you also check if you have a file called CTFM.log and if so sent us the content of it?

Percebi que nas imagens do jogo as equipes têm seus logotipos feitos perfeitamente, mas quando eu comecei, os logotipos eram exatamente como letras. Deseja implementar os logotipos em breve?

O que outras pessoas estão dizendo

Sorry I don't understand the question?

he said that he saw the team flag/logo made perfectly but when playing t'was just letters. Do you want to implement the logo/flag properly anytime soon?

The reason we are not using the real logos etc. is because we are afraid of some copyright issues, so we are not sure when/if we will create some better logos.

the game is crashing a lot for me. is anyone else having this problem?

Do you have a log file called CTFM.log with new entries?


Could you post it here or send it to pjank42@gmail.com?

Do you plan to extend the game by pro football?

At the moment we are focused on College Football only but we will never say never :-)

Ok. That may convince you to create a utility program for generating CSV files to use in the game FOF or DDS: PF?

Hey, some more feedback. I noticed when recruiting, once a recruit gets a certain number of offers you can't offer him because the offer list is too large and you can't scroll to get to make offer

Thanks for the feedback and that will be fixed before next release

I've liked it up to this point, everything I look for in a game! However, in an attempt to start my week 1 game, it said my depth chart had an issue and it couldn't start the game. It didn't tell me the problem or how to fix it. I think I have too many active players (118 oof) but don't see where to fix it. Could you help me please?

In the depth chart you should be able to see which players are injuries, so have you tried to replace those? else we have optimized the depth cahrt for the next release, so it should be  fixed there

Really fantastic work! As soon as we saw that you're Football Manager manager fans we knew we had to play this and weren't disappointed! 

Things we loved:
- It was really easy to jump straight in and start playing, having default tactics and a lineup already set was a big help.
- The GUI is really clean and easy to navigate, and very simplistically stylish.
- The depth of the game is great - with so many attributes for each player you feel like you can endlessly tweak your team to try and affect each game.

- You could add a 'Continue to Next Game' or 'Continue to Next Event' button rather than progressing a single day at a time.
- It'd be great to be able to view reports/breakdowns of previous games by clicking on them in the 'Calendar' screen.
- If basic season stats could be viewed from the 'Squad' screen or 'Depth Chart' screen it would help with roster changes and team selection.

Overall we loved the game, and look forward to playing future updates!


Thank you so much and we will for sure try to implement your feedback :-)