Release 0.9.4

Hello Everybody,

We are now ready with release 0.9.4. The release doesn't contain that many new features except for splitting of OG, OT and WR in different depth chart positions and a number of bug fixes.

Splitting of positions

We have changed the depth chart, so wide receivers are split into slit-end (wr-x), flanker (wr-z) and slot receiver (wr-sl). For both offensive guard and offensive tackle we have splitted them into left and right guard/tackle. The players will still have either WR, OG or OT as their prefered position, and you can assign a wide receiver to each of the new depth chart positions for wide receivers.

New Features

  • Implemented so some players will withdraw from the transfer portal
  • Added a hot seat view where it is also possible, in arcade mode, to apply for a free coaching job
  • Added an option where it is possible to search for teams and players


  • Changed so the assistance will also handle offers to players on transfer portal - if selected
  • Added line of scrimmage and 1st down marker on game view
  • Added to required number of players per position for scholarship day view and exit interview view
  • Optimized the offers given to players on transfer portal
  • Changed so a targeting penalty will be appealed so in some cases the player wouldn't be banned for half of the next game
  • Added transfer portal deadline

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when playing bowl games with standard teams
  • Fixed crash when cutting a lot of players
  • Fixed bug when loading a saved game
  • Fixed bug when saving the game - also for autosaving
  • Fixed issue when changing the position for a player
  • Fixed issue with selection boxes on some of the screens

The mod pack for the real teams can be downloaded here. It contains a number of facepacks for players in the game. It hasn't been updated since our modder have some issues uploading the latest modpack.

For more updates please follow us on TwitterDiscordReddit or Forum

Thanks to the people who have helped with testing and giving inputs for changes and new features.

Best Regards

The Game Development Team


Apr 26, 2022

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