Release 0.9.2

Hello Everybody,

After almost three months we are now ready with the release of version 0.9.2. The release contains a number of bug fixes, updates for recruiting, more stats,  helping our modder with the game handling Division II and a number of different other stuff.

Letter of Intent

One of the main things we have changed in this version, is the recruiting. We have changed so a recruit will first (verbally) commit to a college and first in the signing period will sign the letter of intent. Until that has been signed it is possible for the recruit to flip his choice of college. This also means that it is possible to contact him even that he has committed to another college. 

New Features

  • Implemented 3 different color schemes to use
  • Implemented the possible to contact recruits outside of the allowed period
    • Also implemented the possibility of getting sactions if doing so
  • Added the possibility of get half a sack 
  • Added new formations and plays
  • Added new team stats and player stats
  • Implemented a new view for simulating a game
  • Added transition period when teams moving to a new division
  • Implemented targeting and in game suspensions


  • Changed the way the weight is set for some players
  • Implemented some more realistic names for the players
  • Updated a number of screens
  • Fixed issue with the extra point after fumble return touchdown
  • Changed the way teams are "running up the score"
  • Improved option plays
  • Fixed so LBs are either MLB or OLB 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed so the condition of the facilities can't be higher than 100%
  • Fixed a game crash when teams are realigning to another conference
  • Fixed game crash when trying to set the team of the week (in some rare cases)
  • Fixed bug where the recruiting class wasn't set correctly
  • Optimized so new offers wouldn't show the status Committed as standard
  • Fixed crash when changing the tactics for 3rd & short
  • Fixed issue with some recruits having more than one offer per team
  • Optimized the draftees

The mod pack for the real teams can be downloaded here. It contains update for 2022 season as well as Division II.

For more updates please follow us on TwitterDiscordReddit or Forum

Thanks to the people who have helped with testing and giving inputs for changes and new features.

Best Regards

The Game Development Team

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