Biweekly release - 0.4.3

Hello Everybody,

We are happy to announce the release of CT Football Manager version 0.4.3.

In this version we have focused on improving the screen for simulating a human game. We are not done but we think it looks better now. Some of the things we have changed are when selecting a play it is possible to see what the play is, added further information about in game stats and some other graphics updates.

We have also implemented a screen for selecting which players who should be given a scholarship. If a player used to have a scholarship and it is removed then it will effect the morale of the player.

As written last week then we have also changed all logos to some custom logos with the lettes of the teams. The logos aren't always that good looking but it is possible to either customize them through the ingame editor, or copy the logos/teams from the last release :-)

For the next week we will start looking into optimizing recruiting and maybe implement some sort of recruiting budget.

As usual please let us know if you have any input


The DevTeam


Sep 26, 2019

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