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Hello Everybody,

The past week has been used for optimizing a number of different things, so no new major features have been implemented.

The first task we have looked into, is a better implementation of overtime. In the previous version overtime was decided by a simple coin flip which of course isn't how it should be done. So now it is decide with each team getting a drive starting at the opponent 35 yard line, and then it is played until one of the teams are having more points than the other

Other than that we have done the following:

  • Fixed some bugs regarding returners
  • Optimized the kick and punt returning
  • Added scores to the games in the calendar view
  • Auto updating the calendar view if you are simulating until next event 
  • Removed partial scholarships
  • Made some optimizations for firing after a season

For depth chart we have added so it is possible to ask the coordinators to set the best available depth chart. This is first part of the optimization of the depth chart, which is a task which will continue next week.


The DevTeam

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