Biweekly release - 0.5.4

Hello Everybody

First of all happy holidays and a happy new year to everybody out there. It has been almost a month since the latest release, but we hope to change that back to the biweekly releases in the new year.

Originally we had not planned the release to be out now, since we are currently changing the format of teams and conference, but due to some bug fixes we decided to make the release before the new features were implemented. 

The bugs we have fixed are:

  • Crash when starting a new season (after the finish of season one)
  • Crash with a couple of the bowls 
  • Crash when simulating a human game
  • Crash with some of the penalties in-game 
  • Issues with loading of games

Besides the bug fixes we have made some updates for accepting and declining of ingame penalties, a new look to the simulating of a game and updates for the main menu.

In the screenshot we are using a pack containing the real teams and bowls which soon should be available over at 

On the development team we are most likely also going to do some changes since it seems like we got two new members onboard, but hopefully more on that in the next update.


The GameDev Team


Dec 30, 2019

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Happy new year guys, we're looking forward to another year of playing College Football updates and wish you much success and happiness in 2020!

Thanks a lot and we also hope that you will get a very pleasant 2020 :-)