Biweekly release - 0.6.2

Hello Everybody

First of all a huge thank you to Chris over at for all the work he is doing for a game like this.

Second of all we are happy to announce the release of version 0.6.2 where the main focus has been on coaches and fixing/improving of different issues.

For coaches we have updated the expectations and also implemented the possibility of fire/hire your own coordinators.  In order to be able to fire/hire coordinators you need to enable it at the settings. For the coaches we have also added attributes.

While implementing this we also saw the need for implementing a new view for coaches

As you might notice then it uses the real coaches. This is a part of the updated mod pack, which will be released shortly over at mod pack

Things we have fixed or optimized in this version are:

  • Fixed issue with loading of a saved game where the championship game exists
  • Fixed issue where loading of a saved game made changes to the expectations
  • Fixed an issue with scheduling where some teams didn't play any conference games the first year
  • Updated  the play-by-play text since not all events were included and wrong with scores
  • Fixed issue where conference championship games where set to be played in week 15 but the dates where after week 16
  • Fixed issue where the menu for recruiting were missing when using the back button
  • Optimized so the QB will not always be subbed when the coordinators handles the substitutions
  • Added so some teams are more likely to pass or run than others
  • Changed so the game will start with the 2020-2021 season 

For the next version we haven't planned anything yet, but most likely we will look into a lot of minor optimizations and fixed.


The Game DevTeam


Apr 18, 2020

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