Biweekly release - 0.7.0

Hello Everybody,

This week's release is a little different than normal, because when looking at the surface then not much changes have been made.

The main thing in version 0.7.0  is the changes for how the mod pack should be installed. We got a lot of reports from people who couldn't start the game because the mod pack was copied wrongly into the directory. 

This has been changed so all the user needs to do is copying the mod pack(s) into \data\divisions directory and then it works. This also means that the mod pack wouldn't overwrite any user profiles or saved games.

While doing that our modder asked us if we could change the code, so the game is able to handle playoff-styled divisions (like FCS). This has also been done but we haven't included any playoff-styled divisions in the standard game. 

A playoff-styled division also means that not all conferences are playing the same amount of games per season, some conferences will not qualify for the playoffs since they are playing a bowl game, not all divisions are allowed the same amount of scholarships and not all conferences are having a conference championship game.

If you wish to get more updates about the game please check out our Twitter account:

For feedback please use the forum: or  at Discord:

The package with the real teams and logos can be downloaded from: It should include both FBS and FCS teams

Best Regards

The Game DevTeam


May 17, 2020

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