Biweekly release - 0.8.0

Hello everybody,

After a longer than expected period we are finally ready with the release of CT Football Manager version 0.8.0. 

The reason for the long period is that one of the two developers on the game decided to quit, This is of course ok, but it left me with the decision of continue on my own or stop the development of the game. I have decided to continue on my own and luckily another guy has offered to help on parts of the development. But since we are finally only one developer some of the things might take a little longer than usually.


We have done a couple of updates for the tactics. 

First of all we have implemented so it is possible to create new formations, so now you can design your own plays on a custom made formation.

One of the things missed in the older version was that it really didn't matter that much what kind of formation you used, so we have tried to change that, so the actually formation has a purpose. Meaning if you are up against a running game where you uses a formation with a lot of players in the backfield you might not be that successfull stopping it.

We have also added a few general formations and plays to the game. 

Loading of saved game

One of the main issues with the older versions is a bug where loading a saved game crashed, so the user ended up with Akron. This we have tried to fix, but since we can't test on all computer settings we aren't sure it is working for everybody. So in case you load a saved game and end up with Akron, please send the saved game to Then we will fix it. We guess this is the best way forward at the moment. 

The changes to loading and saving of games also means that saved games from the older versions can't be loaded any longer. Sorry for that.


  • Created new screen for player information
  • Created new screen for recruiting board since some users weren't able to see the whole screen
  • Fixed issue with game requests

Next Release

For the next release we are expecting to take a look at the recruiting process as well as updating some more screens. If we receive some crashed save games we will also fix that

The updated mod pack can be downloaded: here

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Best Regards

The Game Development Team

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