Release 0.8.4


We are happy to announce that we are now ready with the release of CT Football Manager 0.8.4. This release mainly contains some bug fixes and a few minor updates.


For each game we have implemented random weather, which will impact the game played. If it is heavy rain or snow then it might be harder for the receivers to catch the ball and if there is a lot of wind then it will impact both the kickers and the passing game.


If the game is played in a dome then it will of course not be influenced by the weather.

At the moment the weather is totally random, so you could have snow in Las Vegas in September, but that is something we will look into fixing later.

Bug Fixes

A couple of users reported that they had some issue when hitting Continue after a played game. We had some huge issues trying to recreate the bug, but we think we managed to fix it now.

Else than that bug fix we have also fixed a bug when simulating to season 2 and when loading a saved game.

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Best Regards

The Game Development Team


Dec 18, 2020

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