Release 0.8.6

Hello Everybody,

We are happy to announce the release of version 0.8.6. In this version we have focused a lot on the different inputs we got from the users.


We have tried to change the implementation of transfers. The transfer portal has been moved to the recruiting area and we have created the 1-time role where an immediate transfer is granted on the first transfer. We have also changed a few aspects on the GUI for transfers and changed so more players will put themself on the transfer portal

New Features

  • Added the possibility of cutting players after each season
  • Added so some players will opt out of playing in the smaller bowls
  • Implemented more team stats


  • Fixed the measurements of the players so the height and weight should be more realistic and based on the position the player plays
  • Changed the showing of penalties when simulating a game, so both defensive and offensive penalties are shown
  • Fixed so the ratings of your players wouldn't change that much when they are practicing
  • Optimized the number of interceptions, sacks, tackles, punts and kickoffs since they were very low
  • Changed the way contracts are handled when playing in Prestige mode
  • Added the possibility of seeing the line up of the opponent when starting a game
  • Fixed issue where the contract dates for a coach wasn't updated
  • Changed the points needed for the different recruiting actions and also changed so the recruits wouldn't decline the offers that often
  • Fixed issue where it was still possible to select a play from the playbook when the play was removed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when starting a new season which was caused by the recruit rating being too high
  • Fixed issue where the game crashed when sending a brochure to a recruit on the watchlist

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Our modder has made a smaller update for the modpack: Download

Best Regards

The Game Development Team


Jan 14, 2021

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