Release 0.8.7

Hello Everybody,

It has only been around 10 days since the latest release, but we are already ready with the release of version 0.8.7. In this version we have focused on a lot of smaller tasks and optimizations.

Position Coaches

One of the things we have added is position coaches, so you will now have a number of coaches for specific areas. 

The different position coaches are used when the players are doing practice.

It is possible to set seconday roles for a coach, so the defensive coordinator will also handle the role as defensive end coach.

We have also implemented so you can promote a coach so a coach can be changed from one role to another.

New Features

  • Implemented so it is possible to fire the coaches at the beginning of a game
  • Implemented 3rd and 4th down conversion statistics


  • Implemented so a tied game when simulating a human game will result in simulation of overtime
  • Changed so time of possession isn't set at 30 minutes for each team
  • Changed so more juniors and redshirted sophomores will declared for draft
  •  Fixed so it is not longer possible to hit a 75 yard field goal
  • Optimized the number of morale issues
  • Fixed a GUI issue when selecting FCS teams on the select team view
  • Changed so a 3-4 yard kick and punt return wouldn't place the ball at the 25 yard line

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when simulating season 2 due to issue with the team records being updated
  • Fixed issue with some teams playing two games per day
  • Fixed an issue where the game some times crashed when scheduling a game with a minor team
  • Fixed bug where the game crashed when playing with FCS teams due to too many walkons

The only issue we haven't been able to fix, is an issue where the game isn't saved correct, so it can't be loaded. It has been reported by a few users, but we can't recreate so we can't fix it.

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Best Regards

The Game Development Team


Jan 24, 2021

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Can you add a setting where you can turn off being fired? That would be a good idea.

That is actually a good idea, and we will try to implement it