Release 0.8.8

Hello Everybody,

We are happy to announce the release of version 0.8.8. In this version we have worked on a different number of tasks from implementing scouting service to minor GUI updates.

Scouting Service

On the recruits page we have added a scouting service, where you can hire the service to find different recruits for you based on your selection. The service costs a monthly fee, but you might get some unknown prospects which aren't known by the other teams. These unknowns aren't high ranked.

Scouting Service Options


We have made a couple of optimizations for walkons. You will now get a report per new walkon at the beginning of the season, where you need to decide if you will keep them on the team or not. This is meant to be a sort of tryout. Of course it is possible to delegate this to the CPU assistance. All new walkons will also wear number -1 until you have decided to keep them or not. 

New Features

  • Added attendances and average attendances to team statistics view
  • Added the Long Snapper as a new player type
  • Implemented the posibility of changing a punter to kicker and vice versa
  • Added the possibility of releasing players
  • Implemented so it is possible to select specific conference and team for player statistics

Player Statistics

Player Statistics


  • Implemented so coach handling works for player discipline
  • Changed so a team wouldn't punt on fourth if behind late in the game
  • Implemented so the maximum amount of recruits is per class year
  • Did some minor GUI updates for Calendar, Recruits View, Team Squad and Team Depth Chart
  • Implemented so the passing stats requires a minimum amount of attempts 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed so it is possible to progress even if you don't have enough players for a position
  • Fixed a GUI issue with not showing the correct prestige goals in season 3
  • Fixed loading and saving issue for some users
  • Fixed issue with the user not being able to tick the full scholarship box when making an offer
  • Fixed bug where the game crashed when delete the standard practice scheme
  • Fixed bug when playing with both FBS and FCS in Prestige mode

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Thanks to the people who have helped with testing and giving inputs for changes and new features

Best Regards

The Game Development Team

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