Release 0.8.9

Hello Everybody,

After a very long period mostly due to a very busy work schedule, we are finally ready with the release of version 0.8.9.

In this version we have done some update for the GUI, changes to the tactics view and a number of minor updates.


On the GUI side we have decided to remove the side menu to make more space for the content. Instead the menu has been placed in the top bar.

We hope that this works for everybody and that it is easy enough to locate the sub menus which have been placed to the right of the screen. 


For the tactics we have both updated the GUI for creating new formations and plays and made some changes for what is possible to change for a play.

One of those changes is that it is possible to set a specific action for a player. Not all actions are possible for all player types for all play types. Like a Center can't be a main target.

Offensive Actions

  • Ball Carrier:  Will carry the ball on run plays
  • Pull Left: Will make a pull to the left on run plays
  • Pull Right: Will make a pull to the right on run plays
  • Run Block: Will try to block on a run play
  • Pass Block: Will try to block on a pass play
  • Main Target: Set as main target on passing plays
  • Run-Pass Option: The quarterback can either pass the ball, carrier the ball or hand it over to the running back

Defensive Actions

  • Blitz: Will blitz the quarterback
  • Zone Coverage: Is zone coveraging
  • Man Coverage: Is man coveraging
  • Quarterback Spy: Will spy the quarterback if he runs with the ball

For the next versions we hope to improve this even further with new formations and plays and more actions. 

New Features

  • Changed the start year to the 2021 season
  • Added so it is possible to sim to the start of the next month
  • Changed so it is possible to stop when simulating to the next event, month and end of season
  • Added Quarterback Kneel as a play


  • Changed so two teams from same conference can't play against each other in a bowl game
  • Fixed so the depth chart will be set to "standard" if substitutions have been made in a game

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed so it is possible to "go the main menu"
  • Fixed bug where the game crashed when trying to set practice schemes for new recruits
  • Fixed an issue where the special teams plays were missing

Our modder has also updated the mod pack for the 2021 season, so please go ahead and download it here

For more updates please follow us on TwitterDiscordReddit or Forum

Thanks to the people who have helped with testing and giving inputs for changes and new features

Best Regards

The Game Development Team


Mar 25, 2021

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