Release of 0.8.10

Hello Everybody,

We are finally ready with the release of version 0.8.10. The main changes for this version are optimizing of ranking system, bug fixes and some GUI optimizations

Ranking System

We have tried to do some optimizations for the ranking system, since we noticed that a lot of teams with multiple losses ended up in the playoffs. The changes we have made has mostly been on the amount of points a team gets for wins and losses, and also added so a the more losses a team gets the more negative points they get.

It might still need some tweaking but we feel that it works better now than before.

Players View

On the squad view for a team we have implemented so it is possible to see more data for the different players without having to click on them.

We have four different views:

  • Overview: Shows the general data for the players
  • Physical: Shows the physical attributes
  • Technical: Shows the technical attributes
  • Mental: Shows the mental attributes

For each of the attributes the short name of the attribute is shown, but it is possible with mouse over to see the full name.

New Features

  • Possibility of changing the number of the players in July
  • Showing the progress for a player overall ranking in the last 6 months


  • Changed the transfer rules so a player never has to sit out a year
  • Added weather data for a number of US cities so no more snow in Miami in September
  • Changed the number of transfer requests since it was way too high
  • Changed so four-win teams wouldn't be able to play in a bowl game
  • Added so week 0 is shown on the schedule mail
  • Changed so a quarterback with -1 rushing yards can't be the top performing rusher

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with not being able to offer a scholarships to some seniors
  • Fixed issue with no conference games in 2032
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to offer a scholarship to a high school freshman 

For more updates please follow us on TwitterDiscordReddit or Forum

Thanks to the people who have helped with testing and giving inputs for changes and new features.

We hope that we have some more time for the game in the next period of time.

Best Regards

The Game Development Team


May 03, 2021

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