Release of 0.8.12

Hello Everybody,

After a great vacation in Italy we are now ready with the release of version 0.8.12. The main focus for this release has been on improvements and bug fixes as well as a few minor new features.

Trophy Room

One of the new features we have implemented is a new trophy room, where it is possible to see which trophies you have won as a coach. The trophies also includes if some of your players have won a trophy. This means that we have also implemented some new coaches trophies and player trophies.


New Features

  • Added so it is possible to see the number of players on your roster for the next season
  • Added some further option for when selecting the option for AI handling the recruiting
  • Implemented so it is possible to withdraw a transfer offer
  • Added difficulty levels which will influence transfers, recruiting, amount of disciplinary and injuries
  • Added a final poll


  • Updated some GUI elements for overtime drives
  • Changed so it is possible to delete a saved game from the load game screen
  • Made some updates for juniors declaring for the draft

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where some mails were sent twice
  • Fixed issue with two bowl games for one team
  • Changed issue with the first playoff rankings being "off"
  • Fixed issue with some mails being cut on the screen without any possibility of scrolling
  • Fixed a crash when setting tv games
  • Fixed a bug when loading a saved game with FCS teams

Our modder has added some new players, the trophies for FBS and some kickoff games so please go ahead and download it here

For more updates please follow us on TwitterDiscordReddit or Forum

Thanks to the people who have helped with testing and giving inputs for changes and new features.

Best Regards

The Game Development Team


Jul 18, 2021

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