Turning it over

Hello everybody,

A lot of progress have been made since last update a couple of days ago and the main things are:


We have implemented so we now have both fumbles and interceptions in the game. At the moment it is "only"  possible for the defence to recover the fumble, and they will also try to return it (both interceptions and fumbles) for touchdown


On the recruits side we have updated so the recruits will select which team they are going to. It was also been added so the computer controlled teams will sent offers to the different recruits.

New season

We have changed so the start of a new season also updates your team. This means that all senior recruits will be set to the teams, all seniors are removed from the teams and all players are moving up a class.

Future releases and updates

For now we have decided that we will make a blog update each week, and release a new test version at least very second week

That is it for now and please let us know what you thinking about the idea of a college football manager game :-)

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