Biweekly release - 0.1.2

Hi everybody

First of all we are happy to announce that we got ourself a forum over at ( so please check it out and use that for inputs on the game.

We are also glad to announce the release of version 0.1.2 which can be downloaded here on

In the couple of weeks since last release we have focused most on implementing all GUI screens. This means that almost all screens are done we "just" need to implement all the logic behind them. One example of this is the transfer portal where we have started on it and also coded a lot of the functionality but we are still missing the core logic behind why a student wants a transfer, why he selects a specific college for transfer and the logic about immediate transfer and sitting out a year. But it will for sure come sooner or later. 

We have also started on implementing seetings, and the first functionality implemented is that the user can select if height and weight should be shown as imperial or metric. 

On the data side we have added 10 new teams and also changed the conferences, since they were the real conferences, and we are not sure if that could give any issues with copyrights

The focus for the next release is to optimize the simulation of a game. At the moment there are a lot of long plays and the AI doesn't make any decisions based on field position etc. That we will hopefully be able to optimize, but we will keep you updated in next weeks update.

Bye for now and hope to see you soon


May 12, 2019

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Hi, i just downloaded it, I set up my account and choose my team ,but how can actually play? 

The date is on 9/1/2019 and I can't move forward to play a game? 



Are there any plans for a Mac release? Looks a hugely promising project..

That is not something we have discussed in the project team, but it could very well be a possibility we just need to figure out a way of converting it from .NET framework to MONO

Is it built in C#? Hopefully it is relatively straight forward!

Yes it is