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Hello everybody

As promised last update we are currently focused on optimizing the game play simulation, so it is more balanced and hopefully more realistic. The first thing we have implemented are some updates to the tactics page, so we now both have carrier (on running plays) and routes (on passing plays). We have also changed so different plays will be usefull in different situtions/downs and also added the possibility of setting the percentage of play selections being passing plays or running plays.

The reason for the focus on the tactics is that it is used to optimize the game play simulation. Now we no longer just get a lot of long plays but instead get different types based on ex. the routes on a pass play. Of course there are still room for improvements, but we think we have accomplished a huge difference compared to the old and more random system, and as seen in the screenshot below then we don't have the huge number of high scoring and blowout games. 

While implementing the tactics we noticed that we didn't have the Fullback position so it has now been implemented

We have also looked at a roadmap for the next couple of months, which at the moment looks like:

  • 0.2.0: Optimized game play when simulating a game (Expected end of May 2019)
  • 0.2.x: Implementation of injuries and penalties (Mid of June 2019)
  • 0.3.0: Optimization of college teams with focus on number of scholarships, redshirted etc. (End of June 2019)
  • 0.3.x: Updates to transfers and scouting (End of July 2019) 
  • 0.4.0: Bowl games and optimization of schedule (End of August 2019)

We will keep to road map updated in the forum (

Best Regards

CTGame DevTeam

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Coulis you try to change your screen resolution since It seems to be the issue? It should be fixed in the version coming out end of the this week

Thanks for that, I will try it what resolution you recommend? 

If it can't be  fixed I would wait until the new version is out

Thanks a lot 

I am using 1920 x 1080 so maybe you could sent me your resolution, so I can ensure that it is actually working in the next release?

So I changed all the resolutions to my computer from 1333x768 and the lower, and didn't change, as u can see in the picture is like the button is hidden and I can't click on it

Thanks for the information and I will make sure it is fixed for next version (still out end of this week)

next to the calendar the  calendar button there is no continue button,any ideas recommendations? its like is hidden 

Hi, i just downloaded it, I set up my account and choose my team ,but how can actually play? 

The date is on 9/1/2019 and I can't move forward to play a game? I can't see "next" button or with the Space bar

Or how exactly you're moving forward? 

Thanks a lot!