Getting Injured

Hello everybody

After last weeks release of version 0.2.0 we have now started focusing on injuries. So far we have implemented a number of different injuries like concussions, hamstrings, strained muscles etc. where each injury has a time of healing period. Each player also has an attribute which says how injury prone the player is, since some players are more likely to get injuried than others.

If a player gets injuried he is not able to play any games, so the user needs to update the depth chart in order to be able to start a game.

We have also added a Championship  Playoff where we have two bowls serving as semifinals where the two winners advances to The College Championship Game. The semifinals will contain the four highest ranked teams across the conferences.

On the data side we have implemented a couple of new bowls besides the championship playoff, and also a new conference with 8 new teams in it.

The last minor thing we have started on is implementing awards for players which will be given at the end of each regular season. This is mainly done for "fun" since it doesn't bring much to the overall gameplay


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