Putting Pressure on the QB

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Player Measurement

This past week has been used on optimizing the some of the data used in the game. We have added heights and weights to the different positions so the players on a given position will follow those measurements. Now it is no longer possible to get 5'7" quarterback with a weight of 250 lbs.

We are also implementing different types of player types of some of the positions. For running backs we will implement so we have both the smaller speedy backs and the larger power backs. The type of player will reflect the attributes for the player. 

For the states we have added a parameter telling the percentage of recruits in general coming from that state. Texas will now have more recruits than ex. Maine, and each team will also have a higher percentage of players from the same state than before

Defensive Plays

On the defensive plays we have added 3 different types a plays:

  • Zone Coverage
  • Man Coverage
  • Blitzing

Blitzing requires that the offensive line is able to pick up the blitz, and later on we will also implement so man and zone coverage is handled differently

Next Week

Our focus next week will be on substitution of players in game. To accomplish this we will also implement so a players condition is changing based on he is on the field for a play or not.


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