Biweekly release - 0.4.2

Hello everybody

We are now ready with the next release of CT Football Manager. 

The main changes to this version are player morale , suspensions and team expectations  all  mentioned in the last devlog, What we have done in the past week is putting the final touch on those features, so we now feel they are almost as completed as possible. Of course we will most likely do changes to the features later on, but we think that is how it is with all features. 

For the team expectations coaches, at the most only head coaches, are in danger of getting fired if they don't fulfill the expectations. The expectations are based on the teams reputation and the result from the previous season.

The way to see which expectations the team has to the human player is on the coach profile

For the next release we haven't yet decided on all the new features to include, so please let us know if you have any suggestions


The DevTeam


Sep 08, 2019

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