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Hello Everybody,

For the past week we haven't done what we had planned at first,. After receiving an input from an user regarding trademarks for the logos and names we were using, we figured out that we better fix those so we don't end in some sort of legal issues. This means that all logos have been changed to some basic letter logos.

While we changed the logos we also implemented a very basic team editor, where it is possible to create some custom teams based on the existing teams. At the moment it is possible to change all the basic information for a team like name, reputation, university etc. 

When starting a new game it is possible to select if the game should be started with the original teams or the custom teams.

Next Week

For the next week we have planned on creating some optimizations for scholarships, which we already had planned for this week. This means that it is now time for the user to decide which players deserves a scholarship. 

We have also noticed an issue with the scheduling which makes some team play more than one game at a game week. This is something we will fix before the next release.


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